Thursday, November 26, 2009


Here is the trick; Many men are trying to blame their sexual fantasy on their physiology, while many women are trying to blame their emotional fantasy on their psychology. These men claim that they are faithful once they keep their emotional commitment for a single one, while women claim their faithfulness once they keep their bodies for only one. Both can't believe how unfaithful the other would be, if went the opposite way...The funny thing is; there is no such word!! We make it up, for self deception, seeking a false sense of superiority or to soothe a guilty conscious. I personally believe that hookers can be faithful once they see their customers as humans with needs, not dogs after any available bone. When they can see other things than just money, that can be obtained through deception and false feelings. On the other hand, some of those, who are so called "faithful men and women of god", can be nothing but a human waste, consumed by their sense of power and superiority, feeding on others sense of guilt and steering humans against one another under the illusion of the so called one right way of believe.

Q: so... who is faithful and who isn't?

A: Well, it depends on everybody's own dictionary.


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November 02, 2010  
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